Pure Indulgence

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  • We recommend that prior to booking you advise us of any specific medical conditions that you may have e.g. heart condition, allergies etc. as this may interfere with your treatment. This includes pregnancy.
  • Please be aware of our rescheduling and cancellation policy to avoid disappointment.
  • Our treatments have been carefully co-ordinated and planned. If you are running late, there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate booking in which case you will forfeit the full value of your booking.
  • Please have your mobile phone switched off at all times once you have checked in, as this may disrupt your own and other spa-goers Bakwena Spa experience.
  • We encourage you to make new friends, however ask you to keep conversation light and at a low volume.
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol will not be entertained nor the behaviour associated with this. We recommend you drink water regularly in between treatments.
  • Spa nudity causes the most anxiety and can be awkward for you and your therapist. We will provide luxury robes and slippers for your convenience. We kindly ask that you please provide your own swimming suite or underwear.
  • Locker facilities are provided, however we encourage valuables and jewellery to be left at home to avoid unnecessary worries and distress.
  • Always shower before entering the jacuzzi or any of the other shared facilities. While enjoying the sauna or steam, it is proper etiquette to sit on your towel.
  • Please make use of designated smoking areas. Smoking in unrestricted areas is illegal and strictly prohibited.
  • Bakwena Spa will not tolerate sexually suggestive or inappropriate behaviour and all therapists reserve the right to stop treatment should this occur.
  • If we are able to make your spa time more comfortable please ask and we will do our utmost to accommodate.
  • Demanding or abusive behaviour towards therapist and members is discouraged. If you have a complaint please notify the spa manager immediately.
  •  If you wish to leave a gratuity for a specific therapist, gratuity envelopes will be available at reception.

Eco Awareness

we care

At Bakwena Spa we are respectful of our environment and it is a part of the spa experience. Use only the number of towels necessary; washing them uses water and electricity, which are limited resources in some communities. If you spend time in nature, don’t leave any trash behind.

Whether an hour or for a day, we welcome you and look forward to providing you with wellness and pure indulgence.

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