Bakwena Day Spa was developed by offering an innovative and creative approach to spa and spa therapy in South Africa. Wellness is a state of mind as well as a physical attribute.

We at Bakwena Day Spa have developed an innovative approach to treating both the body and mind through the creation of a relaxing, welcoming and enjoyable environment. Our customers are our focus and all leave the spa feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and restored.

Step out and indulge yourself, whether a full day, half day, evening or romantic couple’s package, you deserve it.

Our Vision:
A Bakwena Day spa nationally

Our Mission:
Loving to serve our customers better every day, the Bakwena way.

Our Brand Promise:
Pure Indulgence

Why “Bakwena”?

Kwena is the Tswana word for Crocodile, Bakwena meaning people of the Crocodile. They honour the Crocodile as their totem and they see the Crocodile as an animal of peace – that is why we view all our Bakwena Spa‘s as “places of peace and serenity”.

The Bafokeng, of whom the Bakwena is a derivative Tribe, is now the richest Tribe in Africa due to royalties paid to them by Mining Companies who mine a variety of Minerals, mainly Platinum, on their ancestral land.

At Bakwena Velmoré, you can meet “Rufus”, at Bakwena Venue, you can meet “Thomas”, and at Bakwena Zevenwacht, you can meet “Woody”, our very own “Crocodiles” – they meet every Guest on arrival and assures them a day of wealth in terms of “Pure Indulgence” and peace.

  • –  We recommend that prior to booking you advise us of any specific medical conditions that you may have e.g. heart condition, allergies etc. as this may interfere with your treatment. This includes pregnancy.
  • –  Please be aware of our rescheduling and cancellation policy to avoid disappointment.
  • –  Our treatments have been carefully coordinated and planned. If you are running late, there is no guarantee that we will be able to accommodate booking in which case you will forfeit the full value of your booking.
  • –  Please have your mobile phone switched off at all times once you have checked in, as this may disrupt your own and other spa-goers Bakwena Spa experience.
  • –  We encourage you to make new friends, however, ask you to keep the conversation light and at a low volume.
  • –  Excessive consumption of alcohol will not be entertained nor the behaviour associated with this. We recommend you drink water regularly in between treatments.