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strategies to silent the worrying mind 2020
COVID-19, or more known as Coronavirus, has brought fear, dread and uncertainty in everyone’s lives. Many of us are feeling afraid and uncertain. Overall, it is proposed that we go within and silence our minds. What does this silent mind entail? Silent mind is not about building castles in the sky or retreat into yourself.
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Bakwena Day Spa's efforts in precaution to fight COVID-19
To our Bakwena Day Spa Customer, In light of the latest worldwide Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we would like to reassure our customers that we are even more focused on our hygiene and health standards in the Spa. We are adding even more hygiene precautions for your safety: •   All our therapists wash their hands thoroughly
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Massage Monday Massage Detox
How can you detox with a massage? Detoxing isn’t all about juicing and clean eating – booking a full body massage is a more indulgent way to boost your cleanse. Most of us feel sluggish, tired and bloated during the winter, – no wonder so many of us embark on a cleansing regime in spring
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How to deal with stress
Who would think that South Africa is rated as the second highest country regarding stress, this is according to a Bloomberg Business survey. This was a real eye-opener when we saw the results of the study. Stress has become part of our daily lives and we need to let go of all of the tension
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Couples Massage

Stress is a major component to a number of mental and physical health issues. In today’s economy and context of business we are constantly challenged by technology, social media and daily demands and constant negative narratives which manifest as stress within our bodies as well as mentally.   Allowing yourself the opportunity to relax  and

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