Bakwena Day Spa is committed to the fight against the spread of COVID-19 and for this reason we have set up extensive COVID-19 protocols as a preventative measure to ensure the safety of our Clients and Staff alike.

We treat both the body and mind through the creation of a relaxing, welcoming and enjoyable environment. Wellness is a state of mind as well as a physical attribute. Step out and indulge yourself. Our customers are our focus and all leave the spa feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and restored.


  • Two (2) cloth masks will be issued to all employees required to return to work at the Spa. Masks are to be worn at all times. Employees will be trained in the proper use and wearing of masks
  • No person will be allowed entry to the Spa without the proper face mask and / or covering, as required / without an appointment
  • Signage has been put up and will be maintained regarding measures to be taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19:
    • Physical Distancing: Signage at all entrances to the Spa and in the Reception area, Retail area, Bathrooms, Hallways and Massage Rooms as well as any other public areas to indicate that all employees and guests / visitors must remain at least 1.5 (one and a half) metres apart at all times
    • Masks: Signage to prevent employees and guests / visitors from entering the Spa without wearing a mask and /or suitable face covering, as well as additional signage on the proper wearing of masks
    • Sanitise: Signage to indicate that all who enter the Spa and / or any public areas of the Spa must sanitise their hands with the sanitiser provided
    • Symptom Check: Signage to indicate that all employees and guests / visitors must report to Reception for Screening of symptoms, including temperature checks and completion of the relevant questionnaire, before entering the Spa
    • Isolation Area: Signage to indicate the dedicated isolation area and to indicate restriction of access to this area
    • Prevention: Signage indicating the steps that can be taken to prevent the virus from spreading
    • Symptoms: Signage indicating what the common symptoms of the COVID-19 virus is, together with the Hotline number     
    • Hand washing: Signage on how to wash your hands effectively
  • There will be a designated person appointed at each Spa who will manually maintain the time and attendance of all employees and / or guests and / or visitors. This will include performing the required Screening process and symptom Screening records in order to limit the number of people who physically work with these records
  • Foot operated hand sanitising stations and sufficient hand sanitiser is readily available and will be installed in identified areas such as entrances to common areas. Sufficient hand washing  soap and sanitiser will be provided in all massage and bathrooms as well. All hand sanitiser meets the required specification of having a minimum of 70% (seventy percent) alcohol content
  • Transparent screens have been installed where necessary to limit physical contact with employees, guests and / or members of the public
  • A contact-less temperature gun will be used to screen all employees, guests and / or any members of the public who enter the Spa. Record is to be kept by the designated person dealing with Screening in order to assist with tracking and tracing, if necessary. Any person with a temperature measurement of 38o (thirty eight degrees) and above will either be denied entry and / or be requested to leave the Spa and / or sent home
  • A cleaning schedule is to be implemented to ensure that common areas, work areas and frequently touched surfaces are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals
  • Briefing / training sessions related to COVID-19 measures and Regulations to be held with staff on a regular basis


  • Upon arrival at the Main Gate of the Lodge, each person (whether they are an employee, a guest or a member of the general public) must be temperature screened using a Temperature Gun. Any person with a temperature over 38o (thirty eight degrees) will be denied entry
  • Guests who have been temperature screened and do NOT have a fever may proceed to the Spa Reception where a second, more detailed Screening will take place
  • Should a person start displaying symptoms of infection with COVID-19 and whilst at the Spa, such person will be immediately isolated in the designated isolation area and provided with a FFP1 face mask, as required
  • The COVID-19 hotline will be contacted on 0800 029 999 and any action will be taken as instructed


  • All guests arriving at the Spa must be treated with kindness and respect but they are to understand that we will do everything possible to ensure the well-being of all persons on the property and as such all safety protocols must be followed
  • It is not business as usual
  • Social distancing demarcation at all entrances and reception areas will be adhered to and security personnel are trained to enforce social distancing
  • Guest hands will be sanitised
  • A guest Screening station to be set up in the lobby or near to the main entrance to the Spa and every guest will be screened before they are allowed to check-in. Each guest must complete the Guest Screening Questionnaire and have their temperature taken with a non-contact infra-red thermometer
  • The purpose of the Guest Screening Questionnaire is to determine whether any guest has flu-like symptoms. Any guest who presents with flu-like symptoms should not be allowed to reside in the Spa. A postponement of their Spa day should be arranged
  • The Screening station will be manned by a member of the Spa Management Team and every guest must sanitise their hands before interacting with Spa staff. The Spa employee at the Screening station must wear full PPE (mask and gloves)
  • Once cleared, the guest may proceed to reception to check-in
  • If it is not practical to arrange work stations to be spaced at least one and a half metres apart, physical barriers will be placed between work stations or erected on work stations to form a solid physical barrier between workers whilst they are working
  • Guests should wear face masks at all times when in common or public areas
  • At check-in, the Receptionist, before handing anything over for a guest to sign (guest registration card and pen) must sanitise their hands and all items in front of the guest, before commencing with the check-in. The guests in turn, must also sanitise their hands again, before transacting with Spa staff
  • Each guest checking into the Spa must sanitise any credit cards before handing them over to the Spa Receptionist if applicable and afterwards, the Receptionist will do the same in return. All credit card machines must be sanitised before and after every use with an alcohol based sanitiser having an alcohol content of at least 70% (seventy percent)
  • The Receptionist must sanitise the key card before handing this to the guest
  • Only one person can check-in or stand at reception at a time, but should more than one person be awaiting check-in, guests must queue at least one and a half metres apart from one another. The Spa applied demarcated stickers, 1.5 (one and a half) metre intervals and mark these clearly with the relevant floor stickers for guests to queue appropriately


  • All common areas and bathroom facilities will be cleaned and disinfected regularly and as per the cleaning schedule
  • All persons in attendance at the Spa will be required to wear face masks at all times while in common areas or shared massage rooms or other, as well as to adhere to physical distancing (at least 1.5 metres) while in these areas. Proper signage are displayed to remind employees and guests / visitors of these health and safety protocols
  • A physical barrier (transparent screen) is installed at the Reception desk to prevent contact between employees and any other persons
  • All persons entering the Spa will be screened for symptoms, including a temperature check and completion of the required questionnaire, before they may proceed into any other area of the Spa
  • The Spa’s bathrooms are equipped with sufficient soap, basins with running water, paper towels for drying of hands, as well as sanitiser. Posters are also displayed, providing the proper hand washing technique shown step by step


  • Placement of chairs and tables are to ensure social distancing
  • No buffet service will be offered for guests for self-service. An A La Carte Menu will be available at selected Branches
  • Only Bottled water and juice (single servings) will be available
  • All tables will be sanitised before and after each guest use
  • The Spa Bars are to remain closed and no alcohol can be served during this time due to the alcohol ban
  • All condiment stands to be wiped with sanitiser before each serving period and every 15 (fifteen) minutes during service
  • Menus to be wiped with sanitiser before and after guest use


  • Massage beds are covered with a heavy duty plastic covering, no linen will be on the beds
  • A new clean towel will be used for each client
  • Massage bed/ chair will be cleaned with sanitiser before and after each client
  • Employees will wash their hands before and after each client     
  • Treatment rooms will be ventilated after each client
  • When possible, massage rooms will be alternated to allow Treatment rooms to ventilate
  • Both the client and the employee/therapist must wear a facemask during and after treaments
  • Sanitiser will be available in the Treatment room for the client before and after treatment
  • A deep clean will take place at the end of the day
  • All specialised Spa equipment will be cleaned and sanitised after each client


  • Any saunas at Spa will remain closed
  • Swimming pools will remain closed
  • Staff working in public areas will wear a cloth face mask at all times
  • Only the Staff cleaning the bathrooms and showers, will wear gloves and masks. Gloves provide a false sense of security and might be seen by staff as replacing good hand washing and sanitising of hands
  • Spa cleaning staff will continue to follow well documented cleaning methodology and continue to sanitise all touch points. A timetable will be issued by Management on the frequency of sanitisation for each property and / area and this will depend upon footfall and require different frequency of sanitisation
  • All “non-essential” decorative items are removed from the public areas, example: magazines, newspapers, flower pots on tables, cushions, material hand towels in bathrooms
  • All public bathrooms will have hand sanitiser in addition to hand washing soap


  • Bakwena Day Spa will regularly provide information and training to employees and on theCOVID-19 health protocols issued by the Minister of Health and Camelot Beauty School from time to time, including protocols on the following:
    • The procedures related to the use, re-use and wearing of masks;     
    • The utilisation of Personal Protective Equipment;
    • Maintaining physical distancing;
    • Basic hygiene practises, including the washing of hands;
    • Cleaning and disinfecting of equipment and surfaces;
    • Contactless operations;
    • Retail handling; and     
    • How to operate as a Therapist, doing massages
  • Bakwena Day Spa Management will inform employees on their responsibilities to advise Management if they are tested positive for COVID- 19 or have been in contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive as soon as possible


  • The safety of staff and guests against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) will continue to be a very important aspect to keep the virus at bay. It is therefore important that staff have the correct PPE equipment to keep themselves and guests safe
  • Some of the PPE that will be used is listed hereunder:
    • Cloth facemasks
    • Face shield
    • Gloves
    • Infra-red non-contact thermometer
    • Disposable aprons
    • Disposable gowns
    • Plastic bags


We appreciate your understanding during this time and our entire Bakwena Day Spa Team are fully committed to treating both the body and mind, you’ll be leaving the Spa feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and restored.