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How can you detox with a massage?

Detoxing isn’t all about juicing and clean eating – booking a full body massage is a more indulgent way to boost your cleanse.

Most of us feel sluggish, tired and bloated during the winter, – no wonder so many of us embark on a cleansing regime in spring and summer. Your body actually does a good job of detoxifying itself naturally – your liver, kidneys, bowels and skin all play important roles in getting rid of toxins.

Your lymphatic system is also key – this is a network of thin vessels and nodes that run through your whole body, carrying a clear fluid called lymph, which collects waste products, bacteria and damaged cells, to be filtered out by the lymph glands.

But while your body’s working away all the time to detox you, at times an extra bit of support can help make the process more efficient. Eating light, healthy meals, staying active, sleeping well and avoiding alcohol is a good place to start, but you can also add a regular relaxation full body massage to the list.

It accelerates blood and lymph circulation, speeding up the disposal of toxins out of your body. ‘Massage also helps work on the adhesions between muscles – which most people think of as “knots” – and that can release toxins into the bloodstream so they can be carried out,’.

Book a relaxing full body massage and you could boost your detox in indirect ways, too. ‘A massage relaxes you deeply, so you sleep better, which helps your body regenerate itself,’ It also helps you to feel more positive, you’ll be more motivated to look after yourself.’

How can you get the maximum detox benefits from your massage? ‘You should ideally have a 50 min massage every two weeks. ‘Drink lots of water afterwards – you’ll have more toxins in your bloodstream for the first day or two, so you may get a headache if you don’t drink enough.’

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