5 Essential Oils to Use at a Spa

Boost your following massage adventure at Bakwena Spa in South Africa, by asking about their essential oils. These oils are used as aromatherapy, experience healthy transformations in your mind and body as you breathe in the fragrances. When using essential oils in a diffuser that blends nicely with the massage oils has greater benefits than massages that do not make use of aromatherapy. Some essential oils can help to ease the pain experienced during a period when a woman undergoes menopause (as well as menstrual pains and cramps).

There are a variety of essentials available on the market, you can buy them from any health and wellness store. Read up on essential oils and the benefits they can have for your home. Here are some of the essential oils listed below and what benefits it has:

  • Calming or oils that have a relaxing effect on a person are frankincense, chamomile, geranium and lavender oil.
  • Oils that have an uplifting effect on a person are rose, ylang-ylang, neroli and Clary sage oil.
  • The oil that has an energizing effect on a person is rosemary oil.
  • Oils with a de-congesting effect on a person are tea tree, eucalyptus and pine oil.

These are the basic five types of oils used for various physical, emotional and mental health advantages.

Another popular essential oil used in massage is eucalyptus oil, which is extracted from the eucalyptus plant. It helps to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, and stimulate the nervous system. It’s antibacterial and helps relieve menopausal symptoms. While it doesn’t have the same benefits as lavender or geranium, it’s known for its calming properties.

These are just the various essential oils used in spas to create an atmosphere that is calming and relaxing. Read more about Bakwena Spa packages here.

What massage oils work best for massages?

Olive oil is popular when it comes to massages because it absorbs the oil slowly. The second recommended oil is coconut oil as it is great to use with essential oils (absorbs easily and is light on the skin). Almond oil is also a great option as it acts like a moisturizer leaving your skin to feel soft. Another option is grape seed oil which will leave your skin glowing. Argan oil is also a popular oil used at spas all over the world. It is non-greasy and moisturizes the skin as well. Then there is Jojoba oil which is a bit pricier as it absorbs quickly and you will have to use a bit more than other oils. Other oils that can be used, but are not so popular at spas is sunflower and avocado oil. Most of these oils do not have a strong scent, which gives spas the chance to play around with essential oils and various types of aromatherapy. Bakwena Spa strives at making any treatment the best that you will ever receive. Visit our home page to read more about our spa and treatments.